Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Owen, the Power Ranger, made out pretty well tonight! One guy at a house he trick-or-treated was amazed by Owen's striking new physique and begged him not to beat him up. Owen talked about that until several houses later!

Avery, the "Sparkley Princess Witch" (her words!) didn't do too bad either! She thought she was going to be able to eat it all in one night. (Little did she know that her mom is known to her big brothers as the candy nazi.)

Zack and Owen's school doesn't allow them to dress up on Halloween, I mean Harvest Party Day, so we break out just a bit and have a funky hair day. The boys LOVE it!

Owen and me at his 1st grade class party. I was in charge of bringing the candy corn; easy enough for me!

This morning we had our traditional jack-o-lantern pancakes with the Prindle girls. They were super yummy this year (the pancakes, not the girls.)

Sparkley Princess Witch, Ninja Zack, Jester Chris, Power Ranger Owen

Pumpkin decorating this morning...just a little late, but not too late!

Skeleton cupcakes from our Home Teachers...the kids thought they were "totally awesome!"...and they were!

And... I just had to throw this one in because it's so stinkin' cute! Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Pictures

Ever since Jay and I were married we have taken family pictures every fall. The kids were great today and we got some pretty cute pictures.

Friday, October 24, 2008

LeeLou Blog's Launch Party

Ever wonder where I get all my cute layouts? You can get your own at She is having her launch party all next week, so check it out! They are free!

Leelou Blogs

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You asked for it...

I know you all have been asking to see my new do since I burned/melted my hair. I decided to go an entirely different direction...blonde. See if you can pick me out! (Hint: White go-go boots!)

This is actually our Young Women in Excellence performance. The girls did a talent show theme and the leaders were the opening act. We had a blast pulling this one off!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ode to the McDaniels

We had crepes for breakfast today...yummy! Our good friends, the McDaniel family, used to live just a few houses down. Whenever we would have crepes we'd have their kids over. They thought crepes were the greatest food on earth! We really missed them today!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zachary J

...and here is Zack's 4th grade picture. I can't believe how big my boys are getting!

Owen J

Owen brought home his school pictures yesterday. I just had to show you all! That smile of his melts my heart. What a sweetie.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One

I wanted to make dinner really special for my hubby tonight. He is one of those amazing husbands that works hard all day and then comes home and plays with the kids, talks (well, mostly listens) to me, and does the dishes after dinner. He is great so I thought I would make his dinner extra special today!

I made everything from scratch and it took most of my day, but it was going to be so worth it. I had fresh rolls on the counter, zucchini bread cooling on the rack, cubed potatoes ready to boil, and a chicken roasting in the oven. The house smelled soooo good...and it wasn't even Scentsy this time!

Just as everything was going so well I realized it was time to take the lid off of the chicken to let it brown. I slid the heavy pan out and lifted the lid...woooosh! The steam was so hot that my eye lashes felt as if they melted back into my eye lids! I just kept on going being the happy little homemaker that I was. Dinner was going to be great!

I walked back into the bathroom to make myself look a little cuter (now this is sounding like that 1950 Good Housekeeping email that was circulating for a while!) I took one look in the mirror and noticed that I looked really frazzled. My day hadn't been THAT bad-what the heck?! I took a closer look and my hair was burned...yep, melted right up the sides!

Needless to say, Jay loved dinner, but his little wifey didn't look nearly as good as the chicken. By the way, anyone have any ideas for a cute short haircut? I'm going in tomorrow morning.

So You Think You're a Laurel

Last night for mutual my Laurels and I had SO much fun! We had a little "photography" time outside and then went to TCBY for ice cream. I had such a great evening with them that there were times when I almost forgot that I wasn't their age! I love these young ladies and they are going to go places in this world! Say what you will about teenagers, but they sure know how to keep you young!