Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Owen is 9 Years Old!

Owen is quite possibly the biggest Jimmer/BYU basketball fan of all time! His whole 9th birthday has been centered around this theme and what better time than during March Madness! Sure hasn't hurt that BYU has made it to the Sweet 16 either!

We love our Owen and can't believe how tall and handsome he is getting! His sweet smile and kind heart warms our family and makes the Ogden household loads of fun. We are so thankful for Owen and that he came straight from heaven 9 years ago today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Run for Ribbons

This last Saturday the boys and I had an awesome opportunity to combine our forces for good. We ran the Run for Ribbons race to raise money for the fight against cancer. We each received a blank shirt that we could color in to represent the kind of cancer for those we were running.

Our awesome Grandma Morgan is battling cancer right now and we ran hard for her this day. Grandma is fighting hard and we are so proud of her! We also chose Momma Lees, who just found out last week that she has stage 3, possible stage 4, ovarian cancer. She is the mother of one of my dearest friends, Yvonne. Owen, my little guy next to me, chose to also run for Matthew, a little boy who lost his fight with cancer last winter. He was our Zack's age and a very close friend to our dear friends, the Cases.

It was a very touching day and I was so proud of my boys for running so hard for someone else.

We are also very proud of Zack for taking 2nd in the race and completing his 5K in 23 min and 37 seconds! Wow!

To all of you who have been affected by cancer now or in the past, we hope you can feel our love and our prayers for you and your family.