Monday, December 29, 2008

Chistmas Eve

Zack, Owen, and Avery were anxious to open any present on Christmas Eve...even if it was jammies! I love taking their picture by the tree each year in their new pjs.

Owen believes with all his heart in Santa. He had to make sure that the cookies were good and the milk was ready.

Avery just smiled for the picture. I'm not too sure that she is all into Santa quite like Owen, but maybe next year.

Our home teacher, Ryan Anderson, gave the kids some magic reindeer food to sprinkle out on the lawn on Christmas Eve. Owen remembered all of his instructions so as to make the magic full strength: don't sprinkle it all in one spot because the reindeer can smell it 100 miles away and they will stop by our house first once the scent has been caught.

Owen and I braved the snow to find some lawn available but alas, the snow covered sidewalk and drifts just had to do. The magic did work and Santa did find his way here. We'll tell you some more about that tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is in the Air

The kids really enjoyed putting our gingerbread house together. It was fun to see them work together and each take a side to cover in candies. They were pretty creative!

We have had an unusual amount of snow this year so the boys have learned to find the advantage. They have been shoveling driveways and sidewalks in the neighborhood and have earned some good cash. (Uncle Justin will be so proud of these little entrepreneurs.) Yesterday they pooled their money together and purchased this remote control bat. The six AA batteries only last about 10 minutes so word-to-the-wise if you got one for your kids for Christmas: buy rechargeable batteries!

I think we need to check Santa's list to see if Owen is naughty or nice. (He thinks he's hilarious!)

I think someone is ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it Snow!

Avery and our next-door-neighbor, Ty.

Owen having a blast. Yes, he is getting some snow clothes for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Need a Good Laugh?

I love Hilary Weeks, but now I love her even more! (This is from a Time Out for Women.)

Moms, click here for a good laugh.

Avery and the Chocolate Christmas Mouse

My visiting teachers made these darling little chocolate mice...aren't they cute?! I was very impressed!

Avery thinks they are just the sweetest little things pun intended there! I'm guessing we are going to have to name them rather than eat them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Tree Joy

I love everything about our Christmas tree but my very favorite part are twelve of these beautiful white doves. My Grandma York made these for me a few years ago. Because of her arthritis that has now slowed her amazing hands I appreciate every detail of these intricately hand-stitched doves. They are the perfect reminder of what matters most at Christmastime-our Savior who sacrificed all, family, and the love that penetrates hearts when we put someone else above ourselves. Thank you, Grandma. What a treasure.

Isn't he beautiful?!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We have a tradition in the Jensen family called 'The Snow Dance.' You have to be on the lookout for cold weather and low-lying grey clouds to increase your chances for success. Once these prerequisites have been met you walk around in circles with the kids making snow flake hands and chanting, "Snow, snow, snow!" Look, it worked for us!

Each year in December we take a Family Home Evening night to go out and find the perfect Christmas tree. Our usual tree spot was gone this year so Zack directed us to another that was even better (actually it was the one we loved only it had moved, but it was better this year.)

Although our hearts were warm with excitement the cold, bitter night made us seek heat at the tree lot's wood stove. We all left smelling like a forest fire. We did find the perfect tree and enjoyed our first candy canes of the season all the way home.

Once home the kids and I began going through the Christmas bins while Jeremy prepped the tree outside. I loved hearing each of them giggle with glee as they found their ornaments and other familiar treasures.

We had Christmas music playing, chips and dip on our snowman set, milk and cookies, and happy moments all around. I have to say that this has been my favorite Christmas so far...and it's not even here yet! There is just something different in the air this year that has my heart glowing.

The tree isn't quite finished yet as we had a strand of lights die and haven't been able to find a new set until yesterday. I will post the finished tree soon.

May your Christmas be the merriest yet!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Need a Great Gift Idea?

Chloe's Clippies
My friend, Holli Pollock, makes the best non-slip hair clips for little girls! Not only are her creations perfectly adorable but her quality is the best I have seen (and I am super choosy!) She can match any Christmas dress or outfit you throw at her. If you would like to make a custom order or view what she has already created, please call her at 208-573-1711 or email her at

My Bow Board from Julie
I have another good friend who makes these darling, high qualitly boards that can be used for photos, notes, or BOWS (these are all from Holli!) She has many beautiful styles of her own, but makes custom boards like this one as well to match any room. These are decorative and functional! Her name is Julie McDonald and you can reach her at 208-884-5209.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mover and a Shaker

Owen loves to play wii boxing and is getting pretty good at it. I love it when he gets knocked down though because he moves like this.

Eye of the tiger, buddy. Eye of the tiger.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Knew I Must Do What is Right

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away just before midnight last night. He was such a good, gentle man. He will be greatly missed, but will be so happy to be once again with his sweet wife. My sister sent me this portion of an article from the Ensign this morning. I hope to have and instill within my children this kind of integrity.

As a boy, Joseph Wirthlin enjoyed sports and went on to play running back for the University of Utah. His abilities earned him the nickname “Speedy” on the field. He once recalled a story about being tackled just inches from the end zone, saying that he remembered thinking he could move the ball and no one would have known.

“I had dreamed of this moment from the time I was a boy. And it was right there within my reach. But then I remembered the words of my mother. ‘Joseph,’ she had often said to me, ‘do what is right, no matter the consequence. Do what is right and things will turn out OK.’

“I wanted so desperately to score that touchdown. But more than being a hero in the eyes of my friends, I wanted to be a hero in the eyes of my mother. And so I left the ball where it was—two inches from the goal line.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a defining experience. Had I moved the ball, I could have been a champion for a moment, but the reward of temporary glory would have carried with it too steep and too lasting a price. It would have engraved upon my conscience a scar that would have stayed with me the remainder of my life. I knew I must do what is right” (“Life’s Lessons Learned,” Ensign, May 2007).