Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten Things Tag

One of my favorite people (whom I've never actually met) tagged all her "peeps" with ten things you can and can't do. To view hers go to 'Denae' under our 'Friends' links. She is amazingly entertaining and always good for a laugh. So, here goes.

Ten Things I Can Do
-Listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving
-Make yummy apple pie
-Iron really well
-Run long distances
-Paint rooms in my home with bold colors
-Wear high heels all day long
-Fall in love with my husband every day
-Get excited to go swimming
-Have staring contests with squirrels
-Keep my house clean

Ten Things I Cannot Do
-Hide my feelings
-Keep Jeremy from knowing his Christmas gifts
-Miss a day shaving my legs
-Keep from staring at the trees in full Fall colors
-Resist cute bows and hair things for Avery
-Ever say no to a party
-Forget how blessed I am
-Give up on somebody
-Enjoy black licorice
-Cut my hair short to get all the burned pieces out (see October 9th post)
Actually, I did it last week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Words to Live By

One of my dear young women sent me a touching email this evening that ended with:

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Definitely words to live by.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Avery's a Turkey...

I mean...Avery's Turkey! She made this at preschool today. She calls it her Thanksgiving chicken.

Speaking of turkeys...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback to the 80's

Today Avery received a package from her Grandad York. She was so excited to find flavored chapsticks inside and a Barbie. I was even more excited for her when I saw that it was my favorite Barbie when I was around her age. Although I love everything about her from her flashy outfit to her high side ponytail, my favorite has got to be those earrings!

Seriously, who could resist the 80's?! (Thanks, Dad, you made our day!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Singing in the Rain

I caught Avery singing and dancing in the rain after church today. Then she just made me giggle.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Joys of Fall

Zack and Owen had the neighbor boys over today. We love Fall for many reasons, but this has got to be among the best!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Cutest Little Sick Girl

The boys had parent/teacher conferences today and I told them that if they were good, we would get courtesy cones at Arctic Circle. They were great and so we did (best .42 cents I have spent all week!) Usually Avery is the first to choose her flavor of "dip" but when it came time to order she said that she didn't want one. That should have been my first clue to just hurry home-Avery not wanting ice cream spells WARNING! Shortly after arriving home she came to me asking for a bowl. Let's just say I barely made it...but we were on the hard wood floors-not the carpet...phew! I laid her down on her bed and she has been sick ever since. I told her she could call me in whenever she needs me. The last time I went in I asked her what she needed and she sweetly said, "Mommy, I just need you."

(And yes, that is Twyla-I am having flashbacks to the Velveteen Rabbit.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Melly's Tag

One of my best friends from high school has tagged me...this one is all about your kids! I have three of them so I hope it's not too long for you! =)

Zachary J
Name and Meaning: God remembers and the J stands for Jeremy-after his daddy

Age: 9 years going on 30

Nicknames: Zack Attack, Zacky, Zack

Favorite Activities: Any and all sports, especially running and football, hanging out with his family in the back yard

Favorite Foods: pizza, cheese sticks, pasta, roast and potatoes

Least Favorite Foods: peas

Favorite Music: Jonas Brothers and soft rock

Favorite Toys: our neighbor boys' Rip Stick

Favorite Book: Judy B. Jones series and he just finished the Tale of Desperaux

Favorite item of clothing: shorts, running pants, hoodies

What makes him happy? Playing with friends, wrestling with Dad and Owen, doing good for others, helping me out

What makes him sad? When others are not kind to another or to him

Owen J
Name and Meaning: Born to nobility; young warrior-the J stands for his Grandpa Jerry

Age: 6

Nicknames: Owey, Owen-Buh-dowen, OJ, Big O

Favorite Activities: Playing pass, wrestling with Zack and Dad, playing with his friends, helping me cook, reading, playing the wii, going to the library

Favorite Foods: raspberries, blueberries, FiberWise bars, salad, pizza (such a healthy eater...I LOVE it!)

Least Favorite Foods: peas

Favorite Music: One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater (we had some great Halloween music this year!)

Favorite Toys: the wii, soccer set, football

Favorite Book: books about science-animals, space, etc and anything that brings out that cute giggle of his!

Favorite item of clothing: running pants and Mario Brothers t-shirt (his grandma Ogden got it for him and it is his prized treasure!)

What makes him happy? Lots of love and affection, playing with friends, one-on-one time, three squeezes (that is our secret code for I LOVE YOU-not so secret anymore!)

What makes him sad? When others are not kind to another or to him and not getting his way (we hope the whole pouting thing is just a phase!)

Avery Gene
Name and Meaning: Ruler of the elves; nobility...hmmm...Gene is after my middle name which is my grandfather York's middle name (Eugene)

Age: 4 years old

Nicknames: Princessa, Miss Avers, Av, Squeaker

Favorite Activities: Anything with me (& I LOVE that!), dressing up as princesses with friends, playing with friends, and how could I forget?-playing with Twyla, her stuffed kitten (please don't tell her it's stuffed...or that it's an 'it.')

Favorite Foods: strawberries, peaches, oranges, apples, raspberries, ham and egg muffins

Least Favorite Foods: peas

Favorite Music: Monster Mash (right now) and Jonas Brothers Year 3000

Favorite Toys: Twyla, Twyla, Twyla

Favorite Book: Any and all Fancy Nancy books

Favorite item of clothing: a little skirt she has deemed her "Hannah Montana" skirt (I'm not sure if she even knows who that is!)

What makes her happy? snuggling, getting her back scratched, reading stories, playing with her brothers and friends, shopping with me (she really does love it!)

What makes her sad? If someone gets upset with her-she likes things peaceful and fun

That was fun! I sure love my kiddos! =) Now I will tag: Kendra, Andrea, and Sally!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Night at the Opera

I think Jay and I had the greatest date ever (so far!) last night. We went to our favorite restaurant, PF Changs, where we enjoyed chicken lettuce wraps, sweet and sour chicken, honey chicken, WAY spicy green beans, and some super yummy smoothie that could've passed as dessert. If you haven't been there, we highly recommend you try it soon.

After our scrumptious meal Jeremy took me to the opera! It was our first opera and wow, have we been missing out! Not only is every word sung in Italiano, but everything else from the set to the costumes were absolutely phenomenal! It was elegant, graceful, and breathtaking. I have fallen in love with italian (I am planning on heading to the library this next week to find CDs and books to begin to learn it.)

Written by Gaetano Donizetti, Lucia di Lammermoor was first performed in Naples, Italy in 1835. The love story between two individuals from feuding families ends in heartache. The performance was beyond riveting and I found myself having to hold back the tears on several occasions. Even my super-manly husband found it surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining. We are hooked...there is a ballet, The Nutcracker, coming in December. I'm looking into tickets this week!