Monday, February 23, 2009

Messy Boys

I have very independent children, which I love, although there are a few downfalls. The other day after Zack made pancakes I asked the boys to clean up the kitchen and make sure that everything was put away nicely. I walked in to the kitchen and it looked great! I was even impressed. The griddle was cleaned and put away, dishes in the dishwasher, etc. After they had been at school a few hours I went to the pantry to get something and this is what I had found. They had shoved all the ingredients back onto a shelf in there! If you can't see the syrup drip, check this out! It was dried hard like that! Little hard working stinkers.


  1. I love the close up syrup drip! That's hilarious! Oh, boys will be boys won't they?

  2. I love the syrup!! You are a very brave mom to let them cook! I haven't experimented with that, yet!


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