Sunday, July 19, 2009

Corn Kids

Today we are going to Grandma Morgan's for dinner- one of our favorite things to do! Grandma had us pick up six dozen ears of corn yesterday at the farmer's market for today's dinner...Uncle Kevin is coming and he will probably eat at least half of that (I kid, I kid!) The kids wanted to get the corn ready for Grandma so they had a corn shucking party in the backyard. As you can see from the photos, they got a little creative as they neared the 50th ear of corn. Have I ever mentioned how much I love having a little girl? ;)


  1. Nice pits, boys. Seriously, I am so hungry for corn on the cob. Tell Uncle Kevin to save a few ears for me.

  2. How in the world do you cook 6 doz. ears of corn?!?

  3. holy husks!!! I love all the corn all over the lawn! The hairy pits are funny and Avery is adorable in her pretty dress among the corn!


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