Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am hap...hap...happy!

I am ending my day with that "my-husband-is-the-sweetest-man-ever" feeling. Not only did Jay spend the whole day with me, but he took me into Pottery Barn, one of my favorite stores. We walked around enjoying the Christmas music, admiring the beautifully unique ornaments, and enjoying the cozy atmosphere together hand-in-hand. He asked me what kinds of things I liked and pointed out things he would like and where they would look good in our future "dream home." We didn't buy anything, but it the whole experience left my heart feeling so light and free. He really is my best friend...I am the luckiest girl on Earth. =)


  1. That was so sweet - you two are such a cute couple.

  2. pottery barn is my FAAAVORITE STORE!! my husband let me buy a BEAUTIFUL duvet cover and shams a few weeks ago!!!! it was my christmas present ;) haha, i love pottery barn. do they have a store down in WA square?


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