Saturday, February 26, 2011

My New Loves

You know how life just kind of gets into this same-old-same-old routine and then the Lord sees fit to throw in some curve balls? I just have to dedicate a blog post to the awesome curve balls that have come into my life lately.

New Love #1: Scouts
A couple of weeks ago I was called to work with the Cub Scouts in our ward. I always thought doing this would be fun, but WOW! It is awesome! These boys are so great and full of energy!

We had our Blue and Gold carnival last week and it was a total blast. Every week is going to be a party with these guys...and I love the ladies I get to work with as well (here are two of them)!

Owen earned his Wolf Badge and did a great job not puncturing my skin while pinning the award on his I was very grateful and also very proud of my own growing Scout.

New Love #2: Pamela's Products
I recently have discovered that I have a gluten intolerance. Going gluten free is a little scary at first, but when you feel so much better, you get excited at the possibilities! I have a great friend, Yvonne, who has a daughter who cannot eat gluten and has directed me to "Pamela's Products."

Honestly, I like these brownies and pancakes even better than the original...and not only because I feel no pain after eating them! I found 4 lb bags of Pamela's Products Pancake Mix on Amazon for remarkably less than in-stores and we use it for everything. We make pancakes nearly everyday and tonight we made biscuits...all to do die for! Even my kids and hubby are loving this change thanks to this new find.

New Love #3: Zumba
You will NOT be getting a picture of this. My friends invited me to join them for Zumba class (taught by one of my new favorite people!) and I finally started this last week. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant because I had only seen crazy wild Zumba dancing and wasn't sure if I could move like that in a room by myself, let alone in front of a group. After one class, I was hooked! It is a so fun to dance and feel like a Salsa Dancer, especially with my group of new friends...which leads me to my next new love.

New Love #4: My friends!
We moved here nearly 8 months ago and I feel so blessed to have made such incredible new friends. They are fun, supportive, love me for who I am (with and without makeup), help me and let me help them, and I can't wait for the fun adventures ahead of us.

Life is good. Thanks for the curve balls, Lord. I'm glad you know me so well. :)


  1. I remember making fun pancakes for you & Mike when you were little.What fun.Love Ya.

  2. That is where I learned it! I remember you could make anything!!! Mike and I were always very impressed. :)

  3. Curve balls are great. That's what makes life fun and interesting. Sounds like you are doing great. Those scouts are lucky to have you. And have fun with Zumba!

  4. I love you and i am an OLD love! :)

  5. I am sure you do great doing zumba. I tried it and my hips don't want to move like the instructors do.


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