Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Owen is 9 Years Old!

Owen is quite possibly the biggest Jimmer/BYU basketball fan of all time! His whole 9th birthday has been centered around this theme and what better time than during March Madness! Sure hasn't hurt that BYU has made it to the Sweet 16 either!

We love our Owen and can't believe how tall and handsome he is getting! His sweet smile and kind heart warms our family and makes the Ogden household loads of fun. We are so thankful for Owen and that he came straight from heaven 9 years ago today.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Such a cute boy and fun party! We love Jimmer at our house too! Jeff and I are really missing Provo with all the b-ball excitement!

  2. Looks like Owen had a great BYU/Jimmer birthday. And he's lucky Jackson Emery didn't come along and steal it!
    Love you, Owen.

  3. LOVE the party theme! Morley is a huge fan of Jimmer too...even has the bands on his braces blue and white!!!


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