Friday, January 4, 2013

Well Color Me Pinterest

I don't know about you, but my 2012 was filled with lots of busy, busy, busy! My free-minute-guilty-pleasures included sneaking a peak at the cute ideas on Pinterest. Dreaming of the day I would have enough time to be as amazing as the ladies that share their creations there, I would pin my favs on to my personal boards. In this first week of the new year I have had some free time, so I hit my laptop and created my plan of attack. First board to tackle: "Organization!"

Yes, this was my pantry a few days ago. Maximizing space and eliminating waste was obviously a necessity here. The gals on Pinterest gave me a great start so I went to work.

Someone had posted the idea of using doors as storage...brilliant, right? The space between my pantry door and the shelves was just a few inches; these racks I found are narrow in depth, yet their width was great enough to hold paper plates and cups. {Original idea found via}

I absolutely fell in love with the chalkboard label idea. Searching online with the best deal in mind, I chose paper punches as well as a roll of chalkboard Contact paper over the pre-made tags. After transferring the boxed items (flour, sugar, oats, etc) into jar canisters, the tags just made them pop! {Original idea found via}

These sturdy handled totes are perfect for snacks, granola bars, dried fruits, etc. and easy for the kids to pull out and put right back in a jiffy. {Original idea via my mom, Beverly!}

I had been using these containers for the kids' cereal and the tags just made it all the more fun. The chalkboard labels are excellent for the purpose of simply erasing with water and rewriting!
{Original idea via me}

Put it all together...

...and you've got yourself one organized Pinterest mommy!


 P.S. I made these spice containers today, too...CoLoR mE pInTeReSt!
{Original idea via}