Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girls Camp!

The first day of camp was reserved just for our YCLs (aka Youth Camp Leaders.) Our camp director and great friend, the AWESOME Amber Reese, and I spent the day with the girls talking, laughing, learning goofy camp songs, and setting up camp. After our hard work was over we went to Silver Creek Plunge. It is a hot springs that someone has turned into a gi-normous pool. There are innertubes everywhere to float around on and it feels like a big bubble bath...without the bubbles and you have to wear a swimsuit. We enjoyed our time talking girl talk and just being silly with our favorite Laurels. It really set the tone for the rest of camp!

Here are our YCLs putting on a show for the rest of the gang that came up on Tuesday. Sara, the cutie in the middle wearing the white sweatshirt, surprised us all with her dance moves. She didn't earn the nickname Dancing Queen for nothing!

Any of you remember the camp song, "Sippin' Cider?" It's an oldie but a goodie! Jess loved this song so much that she made some cider and made me take a pic! Let's just hope SHE doesn't end up with 49 kids all calling her maw!

Part of our five mile hike included first aid training. The YCLs loved getting their "wounds" ready and running up ahead to set up the scene of the accidents. It was great fun and the girls like the intervals of breaks.

What a view from the top of the mountain! The hills, not me!

Two of our adorable first years enjoying their hand and foot spas after our five miler. Who says camp can't be a little on the pampering side?

What a good sport, Steff! Ahhh...I miss my girls already!


  1. What a fun week! And can you believe it, I could pick out your toes from all of those, they're so cute!

  2. Wow, Jo, you must really like my feet! Actually, they are the only ones that really stick out cuz' they're so funny! =)

  3. What fun, I miss that stuff SO much! I haven't been to Girls Camp for two years, so sad. I'm sure they'll ask me again when my baby gets a little bigger:)

  4. You got some great pictures! I love the feet one!!!

  5. Your pictures makes me remember the fun Girls Camp at Cherry Hill. How Fun!

  6. My girls camp was never so fun...now I feel cheated! I remember the scary storied that kept me up all night, the cold freezing nights that kept me up all night, the early cold chilly mornings where you try to dress inside the sleeping bag so as not to get cold.The whole dirt thing was a constant gross out. Cold+dirt-sleep=pretty dirty, sleeping who despite it kept the mood light. Don't know how I did it then, don't much want to do it again.
    No one painted our nails or gave us facials...we were scrounging for wood to make fire without matches. Yeah, those were the "good old days"...


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