Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

May we take the time today to ponder and give thanks to our country's men and women who have greatly sacrificed their time, means, and even their lives in defending their liberty, rights, and our God. We now enjoy the blessings of freedom because of their selfless acts and I thank my Heavenly Father for such resolutely faithful forebearers. I love my country and will do my best to honor those who've gone before by remembering what they have accomplished for you and me. In God we Trust.


  1. Hey of course I will hang out with you!! Also since you will be in town we are having Sydney's birthday party on Sunday the 20th @ our house if you guys want to come!! We will be having dinner and cake and ice-cream. It will be at 5:30....and our house is right up the roud from Aunt Lotties!

  2. The 4th has to be one of the best holidays.

  3. Your family should come to the 4th at my house next year...we watched "incentive checks" for more than 2 hours - huge ones! So YEAH for the freedom to blow things up!


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