Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten Things Tag

One of my favorite people (whom I've never actually met) tagged all her "peeps" with ten things you can and can't do. To view hers go to 'Denae' under our 'Friends' links. She is amazingly entertaining and always good for a laugh. So, here goes.

Ten Things I Can Do
-Listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving
-Make yummy apple pie
-Iron really well
-Run long distances
-Paint rooms in my home with bold colors
-Wear high heels all day long
-Fall in love with my husband every day
-Get excited to go swimming
-Have staring contests with squirrels
-Keep my house clean

Ten Things I Cannot Do
-Hide my feelings
-Keep Jeremy from knowing his Christmas gifts
-Miss a day shaving my legs
-Keep from staring at the trees in full Fall colors
-Resist cute bows and hair things for Avery
-Ever say no to a party
-Forget how blessed I am
-Give up on somebody
-Enjoy black licorice
-Cut my hair short to get all the burned pieces out (see October 9th post)
Actually, I did it last week!

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  1. Essy, I love you! I get excited about going swimming too, but I can't wear high heels for more than three hours of church:)


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