Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scentsy Gift-Away!

I am a Scentsy Star Director and in an effort to spread the word about Scentsy, I would like to give away five Scentsy gifts this month to any of my friends who have not ever tried Scentsy! If you are new to Scentsy or have always wanted to try it in your home, please leave me a comment or email me at my business email:

To learn more about Scentsy, visit my website at

Please don't be shy about letting me know what scents look good to you!


  1. Hi Esther!

    I just found your blog through Stephanie Watson's. Your kids are so darling! I am dying to hear what Scentsy is all about. Everyone at my school is talking about it - I am so out of the loop! Do you sell it?

    Jennifer (Conway) Gay

  2. Ess...Aspen has never tried Scentsy. Does she count? ;-)


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