Sunday, August 15, 2010

Juicy Lucy Night

"What in the world is a Juicy Lucy?", you may ask. Well, it is a deliciously seasoned ground beef patty surrounding several slices of colby jack cheese and then grilled to sumptuous perfection.
No, I didn't come up with this...we saw it on Man Vs. Food a few months ago.

You can eat it on a bun or all by itself!
It does get a little messy though!

The whole family loved them! It was a fun day...

...followed by fresh peach pie! I love cooking!


  1. mmmmmm....looks delicious! especially that pie! :) yum.

  2. We love jucy lucy's!! I get excited everytime I see them. I think we are obsessed with Man vs. Food. Your dinner looks delish!

  3. Now I'm really getting anxious to come to see you guys. And I love your cooking, too.

  4. MMMM, I love looking at your cooking! Ok, that looked like a cheeseburger, what's the dif?

  5. mmm... That makes me so hungry! AND I can see your temple picture hanging above the mantle in the picture of Zach. It looks GREAT!!!


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