Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple Core...Who's Your Friend?

Saturday was a super day! We had the blessing of going with our dear friends, the Cases, to an apple farm in Mesa, WA. The Empeys, family friends of the Cases, have 900 acres of apples! We enjoyed tons of fresh apples, a ride around the orchard, a tour of their sparkling cider facility, and GREAT company! If you would like to try the best cider in the whole wide world, please visit Oh, you will not be disappointed! (Note: my favorite is the Vintage Dry!)

Me with my awesome buddy, Darius.

Jay and I enjoying the heavenly day together.

Zack and Cyrus having some fun!

Me and my sweet friend, Erin!


Hug a tree!

Zack Attack
Owen feeling oh-so-cool on the four-wheeler.

What a fantastic day! There is so much pleasure to be had in just stopping and beholding the beauty of this earth. We are loving Fall and all this fun with family and friends!

Thank you, Lex and Erin! We love you so much. =)


  1. Wow! That's a lot of apples. Looks like you had a great day in the country. We'll have to try some of that cider - sounds delicious. And tell Avery we usually have issues with tree huggers:) but we'll make an exception for her.

  2. You guys were within walking distance of my Dad's farm. The Empeys are still in my parent's ward. These pictures really make me miss home.
    Take care, Aric

  3. Fun! :) What kind of apples are those pictured?

  4. Esther, your pictures are really beautiful--you are a great photographer! I am with you--I love days when you can just slow down and enjoy, esp. in the fall. Glad you had fun! How were the apples you bought?

  5. Okay, so I just checked out you and your cute family! I so wish you would've moved to Washington . . . DC! Then we would be almost neighbors! I miss you guys. It was fun seeing the pict of Jeremy's parents. Oh how we miss those days-you guys were so sweet to give us a little piece of home by taking us with you to Jeremy's parent's. It meant so much to us who had no family around. Miss you guys! -Mary


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