Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Yesterday after a full day of yard work, we relaxed with the kids and our neighbor boy coloring eggs for Easter. It was a perfect day out, so why not do it outside where the bunnies lay their eggs anyway, right?!

Even on Easter, our BYU support comes out!

Avery and her rainbow of colorful eggs...

...but the most impressive was her "Hello Kitty" egg that she drew all by herself! Those eggs are hard enough to draw on as it is, so this was just extra awesome.

Owen and his egghead...silly boy sure knows how to make me laugh!

And this is Zack...I'm at a loss for words.

Here's a little finished product preview of Project Yard Makeover. It is turning out to be all we hoped, but it sure is a lot of work! Totally worth every sore muscle though. :)

Happy Easter!


  1. Yay it's so fun to see your yard and the kids! I miss you all!!! Cyrus and Darius were excited to see the pictures of Zach and Owen and Avery. Your yard looks really really beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. Your curbing looks amazing. I love the three new trees in the back yard - nice addition. You guys sure have been working hard. Glad you were able to have some Easter egg fun.


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