Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Shared My Lunch with Mr. Yellow Jacket

Today has been a good day. Although I have some kind of nasty cold, my house is quiet, smells good, is clean, and is on its merry way to being ready for cooler weather. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I have put away Spring clothing for the family and hung up or folded the Fall and Winter attire. It just feels good.
I decided to make myself a lovely omelet for lunch. I sauteed some fresh red onions, poured the beaten eggs atop, added some fresh DonSalsa, ham, and cheese. Once it was finished, I gracefully garnished it with fresh basil sprigs from my generous friends. I’m glad I made it so terribly lovely for I was about to welcome an unexpected guest.
I took my picture perfect omelet out to my patio to enjoy in the fresh Fall breeze. The birds were singing closely, my flowers bursting their last hoorahs before the first frost, and the world was at peace.
Suddenly, I heard a faint buzzing. That faint buzzing quickly became close and Mr. Yellow Jacket appeared. Oh, he was a fine yellow jacket indeed, all yellow and black with strong shiny wings. I just watched him buzz around me. Most normal, sane people would shew the bugger away…”but why?”, I thought to myself. So, I decided to just see what he would do.
He obviously was drawn to me by the heavenly aroma of fresh divine omelet. I really couldn’t blame him; it smelled good enough to eat! So…down he buzzed to the side of my plate. I just stopped, mesmerized by the calm of the day, and waited. He was ever-so-polite and never put his tiny little feet on my food. Oh no, he was a gentleman indeed.
He walked right up to a little piece of ham that had slipped away from my gourmet delight and began to nibble away at it. It was incredible! His impressive jaws cut like a knife as he took his bite with great determination. One chunk was all he needed. He seemed to give me a little nod of gratitude as he turned and flew off with his prize.
I wondered if he would run and tell the others of the silly lady with the delicious omelet. Like I said, he was a gentleman and must have understood that additional guests were not invited. I sat in peace for the remainder of my meal. What a curious meal indeed.
I am glad that I made a friend today and that I wasn’t too busy shewing him away. In some teensy tiny corner of the world today, I made a difference.

September 30th, 2011

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