Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm a Producer!

I have never quite mastered the art of financial management. My successes and failures have ebbed like the tides of the sea over the years. My greatest efforts always leave me a little better, but never quite a master…or anywhere close to it.
I have goals of wealth like anyone, with hopes and dreams of being free of debt and long-term financial stability. I want to travel the world, do good for others and my family, and enjoy the freedom and peace that come from managing talents and resources well.
When I have found that something isn’t working, the blame is not to be tossed onto another, rather the fault lies directly within me. This is not an easy thing to recognize, nor admit once the recognition has been made. It is even harder when another takes the time to lovingly point out your all-consuming flaw. It hurts and the pain even worsens as you try to cut it out.
This last weekend I had an incredible revelation: I am a ravenous consumer. OUCH. It hurts to just type that. I realized that most of what I think about is what I want to buy for this room or that space in my yard or what shoes I need to complete this outfit. I get sucked in by ads and catalogs that show me the things my children and I  “need” to look absolutely gorgeous this Fall (insert current season here). I have realized that I am sucker! The sad news: it only hurts me and my family…it hurts my dreams and goals for the future.
I have decided that rather than being that crazy consumer, I am going to switch gears and become a PRODUCER! Not only am I going to produce income with my jobs, but I am going to produce success in our home by doing the following:
  • Go through things that we do not need and sell them on or eBay. I have already had great success in doing so the last couple of days! You can actually “trade-in” DVDs for $ on Amazon and the bidding wars on eBay over your used items is a blast!
  • Create and follow a weekly menu, allowing myself room for switching it up a bit. Shopping for and buying only the items on my list will eliminate a great deal of impulse purchases.
  • Return and report each day to my best friend: my husband. Because he is patient and kind, it is easy to be honest with him. I can share my PRODUCER successes with him from the day and plan our expenses for the upcoming day and events.
  • Revamp a monthly budget. My husband and I have looked at our needs and created a budget that is well below what we earn. We have room for some fun as well, which is critical. Having fun as a family and getting out is crucial for happiness in the home. Life is truly meant to be enjoyed…within our means.
  • Set up untouchable savings accounts. I have set up one account for Christmas that I can contribute to anytime, but the funds are only available to me come November. We have set up a similar account for a Spring family vacation each year. These are exceptionally helpful to our family because the two most expensive occasions of the year will not have to come out of our monthly budget.
  • Only use a credit card if funds are available to cover the charge. All purchases are to be made within our budget and recorded as such. If we do not have the cash in the bank to cover a purchase, we pass, wait, or plan to save for it.
Of course, the most difficult of all of this is changing my mindset. It has been hard to see myself as I really have been. Buying online is incredibly fun and having those packages arrive is like a gift at the door…but truly, it is a curse if one cannot afford it. I will not rob myself or my family of our dreams and goals anymore and I am on the prayerful road to correction. It is difficult to put off what we want right now in hopes of something better in the future, especially when the future is uncertain. However, the future will always be uncertain if no preparation is made to make it bright and stable.
In all honesty, I have found great relief since my discovery. Things are not perfect right now, but I feel God’s pleasing eye upon me as I have tried to humble myself to see my faults and desire change. I can see and feel the literal blessings upon our family already. Our relationships will improve, peace will abound here, and our future is brighter and stable. Consistency at being a PRODUCER will bring success. I just know it!

August 29th, 2011


  1. Good for you. This is something we struggle with as well, but in the last few years have tightened our budget and are on our way to being completely debt free with is a great feeling! Wishing you and your beautiful family a blessed Christmas!

  2. Esther, Good job! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'll try to do the same. You always inspired me. May Good bless your family. Love you!


  3. I kept thinking and thinking about your thought and think about how much I'm so grateful for you and your example. You have no idea how many people I told about your thought. You are the closest to be perfect person I have ever known. I love you

  4. This is great! You have inspired to to be better. :)


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