Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Knew I Must Do What is Right

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away just before midnight last night. He was such a good, gentle man. He will be greatly missed, but will be so happy to be once again with his sweet wife. My sister sent me this portion of an article from the Ensign this morning. I hope to have and instill within my children this kind of integrity.

As a boy, Joseph Wirthlin enjoyed sports and went on to play running back for the University of Utah. His abilities earned him the nickname “Speedy” on the field. He once recalled a story about being tackled just inches from the end zone, saying that he remembered thinking he could move the ball and no one would have known.

“I had dreamed of this moment from the time I was a boy. And it was right there within my reach. But then I remembered the words of my mother. ‘Joseph,’ she had often said to me, ‘do what is right, no matter the consequence. Do what is right and things will turn out OK.’

“I wanted so desperately to score that touchdown. But more than being a hero in the eyes of my friends, I wanted to be a hero in the eyes of my mother. And so I left the ball where it was—two inches from the goal line.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a defining experience. Had I moved the ball, I could have been a champion for a moment, but the reward of temporary glory would have carried with it too steep and too lasting a price. It would have engraved upon my conscience a scar that would have stayed with me the remainder of my life. I knew I must do what is right” (“Life’s Lessons Learned,” Ensign, May 2007).


  1. Esther! It's great to see you after so long! Where are you at right now? I'd love to be blog buddies, it's such a fun way to catch up. I can't believe how big your kids are! What a happy family you've made for yourself.

  2. Thanks for a great story - Elder Wirthlin always gave great talks. He will be missed.


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