Thursday, March 19, 2009

BYU and Slime

The kids each get to have a big birthday party once every other year...and 2009 is the year of the parties! We all love BYU football so Owen picked his party theme to match. Here is one of the invites we came up with. He LOVED giving them to his friends!

Nonna got this Slime project for the kids to do with Dad. He really got into it with them!

They mixed the correct compound and waited patiently until it was just right. This "slime" is actually pretty cool stuff. It feels wet but you can bounce it, break it, mush it, and then it all congeals back together when you let it rest. Each kid got a piece to play with for a while and found lots of gross things to do with it.

The joys of being boys (or so they say!) Avery and I are going to go shopping now.


  1. Boys do like the grossest things...

  2. When Jeremy puts on those gloves he has the look of revenge in his eyes. Get out of the way, kids.

  3. I just hope the revenge is not for the slime giver! I hope it was fun for you! mom/nonna

  4. No Nonna, the revenge is for the doctors! =)

  5. Happy Birthday Owen! We will do something fun to have our own celebration soon. :) SLIME IS THE BEST! I am jealous!! haha


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