Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FHE at the Bike Park

We found this great bike park on Memorial Day and went there last night for FHE with our great friends, the Browns. What a fun place to just let loose and find new biking skills!

Owen was mostly interested in finding bugs (no surprise there) and he found plenty! He eventually did ride his bike at the end and even got a bit daring.

Our princess on training wheels enjoyed the dirt trails as well while managing to stay perfectly clean. Gotta love that!

Jeremy was in biking heaven! He did plenty of stunts on his own bike but had to try out the boys' BMX bikes, too. This guy was built for biking and was very impressive.

The most impressive of all was ZACK! This kid has never been on anything like these courses had to offer and yet he quickly picked it up and even excelled. There was a professional camera man on site for fun and he asked Jay and I if he could film Zack. It was cool!

Here are a couple of videos I took with my camera. I actually have one of me on the big course, but I wrecked right at the end so I will spare you the chuckles!

If any of you ever visit Boise, let us know and we will take you here!


  1. That was so cool! You'll have to take us there and show off your biking skills. It looks pretty fun.

  2. Looks like fun! Do you thing Avery can give Belen some staying clean tips? I could really use the help!

  3. That's awesome! But...hey...I really could use some chuckles....go ahead and post your fall!!! :)


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