Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to our favorite guy on earth: Daddy! Jay loves creamed honey so the kids and I went to the local farmer's market to find him some. He loved it!

Avery picked out a "With Sympathy" card from my card box. She did not know what the card said but she signed her name and drew a picture of him with chicken pox.

Zack, Owen, and Avery love their daddy and love to be with him. He is a great example of patience, love, and kindness to our children. He always takes time to be with them together and one on one. I know that they will cherish that time together always.

We love you, Daddy! Thank you for being so wonderful to us! =)


  1. Those are such great pictures. The kids definitely love their dad. Hope he had a great day.

  2. Those are really cute pictures - you can tell they love their daddy! :)


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