Tuesday, June 9, 2009



...you really want to see this? I suppose I am okay with everyone laughing with me...yes, even AT me! It was my first go at it, but let it be known that I nearly beat the whole run in the end. Of course, there is no video of my accomplishment, but for now...let's just laugh at the slow girl!

By the way, Jeremy promised me some of his tree, brick, and use of his ports the next time we play Settlers for posting this video. I should have checked with Lex first to see if it would be a good trade. =)


  1. I'm Sorry I LAUGHED. and am still laughing! I needed that this morning! Thanks for sharing. You are a great person and mom to one do it and two to show it!! Hope you aren't hurt!!

  2. That was impressive, Ess. Way to get back up and finish the course. Wish we could have seen the finish. Hope you didn't do any damage to your sweet bike.

  3. Thanks for sharing, you know I laughed, for some reason it made me remember when we were little and we were walking down the stairs with our glass of milk and we fell down the stairs.

  4. Ya I'm still laughing too! ahaha! Super funny!

  5. Ahhh thanks for sharing, Ess! That was great! :) My favorite part, "chickened out on that part, sorry babe" and then you go on to crash....beautiful! :)


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