Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All About Avery

These are Avery's feet.

We have been working our new Choffy business at the local Farmer's Market. We are LOVING it! The people there are so nice and two of the sweetest ladies always bring us their fresh leftover produce at the end of market. This Saturday they gave us artichokes among many other delicious vegetables.
We had them for dinner Sunday night and it was the kids' first time having whole artichokes. That night, while the home teachers were here, Avery started scratching her head and neck quite a bit. I was trying to be a nice mommy so I kept scratching for her thinking that she just thought it felt good.
Yesterday morning I noticed a funny mark above her eye and next to her mouth. I looked closer and could see that they were swollen. I scanned her back and it looked like little chicks had been in her bed scratching her all night long. Her arms and legs were next to be examined and sure enough she was covered in hives. These weren't just normal hives (not that any are!) and they were almost to blistering.
I took her to our doctor and found out that she is highly allergic to artichokes and milk together...as in eating them the same day. She rarely has milk and has never had anything besides canned artichokes. The doc said she was lucky that she did not have any breathing problems and Avery says she is never eating artichokes again. She woke up this morning without any signs of new hives but her face is puffy and red.

She decided to take all but the last of these photos for me this morning. Get well soon, Squeaker!


  1. Oh, poor Avery. Hope she gets over her itching and scratching soon. I know her grandpa would love to be allergic to artichokes - he HATES them.

  2. Oh, that stinks! Poor Avery, no more spinach and artichoke dip!

  3. Poor Avery! Get better, sweetie! :)

  4. Oh no! That's sad. :( Tell her that Cyrus and I say we're sorry she was so itchy and hope she is all back to normal by... today!

  5. Ack. Ice Cream cures hives. Dr. Luchador will write Avery a perscription.


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