Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was going through some photos in April and came across some I thought I would share. This one is of a pizza that my Visiting Teacher made for us after my little surgery. It was probably the best and prettiest pizza we have ever eaten!

Owen and Gavin ran the mile in great time and enjoyed their medals and snacks at the end.

Zack, Tanner, and Reagan are three of the top runners at their school. Zack ran the mile in 6:40 and Tanner beat him by a few seconds. These kids are amazing and great friends!

This is my buddy, Cyrus. He likes to hang out with us while we watch the big boys play football. Cyrus always makes me smile! He even planted a flower seed weeks ago for Zack to give me for Mother's Day!

Owen's flag football team was undefeated this year so his coach arranged a limousine to pick them up from their last game. They were whisked away to a pizza party and had the time of their lives! (Yes, Owen still has his mouth guard in.)


  1. Wow, Owen - undefeated? Great job. That big long car looks like it could hold all of you. Hope you had a great pizza party.

  2. What a super cute picture of Cyrus!!! :) He's made his debut on your blog. Hooray! I loved going to watch the boys' football games. Thanks for letting us come.

  3. Great pictures! That pizza looks so good! Being a mom is great, isn't it!


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