Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Love Being a Mommy!

Avery and I have been working on sounding out letters and putting them together to form words. She turns 5 this August and is much in love with the idea of Kindergarten, reading, and learning. Today we sat down outside in the sunshine and started into our lessons. I helped her with a few words and then she just read 'girl' right off the page on her own! I couldn't believe it! It made my whole day!

I really do love being a mommy and teaching my children good things. Their future is important to me and I am glad that there are good days like this one to help me along this path called motherhood. A happy childhood lasts forever and so do the mommy memories!

P.S. I made the best milkshake tonight:

1 cup Breyers French Vanilla ice cream
1/3 cup freshly toasted coconut
1 TB dry Choffy (roasted chocolate grounds-see Choffy button on left)
milk to taste

Blend well and serve. You can stir some toasted coconut in at the end if you would like larger pieces. Amazingly delicious! =)

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