Monday, December 29, 2008

Chistmas Eve

Zack, Owen, and Avery were anxious to open any present on Christmas Eve...even if it was jammies! I love taking their picture by the tree each year in their new pjs.

Owen believes with all his heart in Santa. He had to make sure that the cookies were good and the milk was ready.

Avery just smiled for the picture. I'm not too sure that she is all into Santa quite like Owen, but maybe next year.

Our home teacher, Ryan Anderson, gave the kids some magic reindeer food to sprinkle out on the lawn on Christmas Eve. Owen remembered all of his instructions so as to make the magic full strength: don't sprinkle it all in one spot because the reindeer can smell it 100 miles away and they will stop by our house first once the scent has been caught.

Owen and I braved the snow to find some lawn available but alas, the snow covered sidewalk and drifts just had to do. The magic did work and Santa did find his way here. We'll tell you some more about that tomorrow!


  1. Very cute! Nia has the same pajamas as Avery. We must shop at the same place! hehehe :)

  2. Christmas Eve has to be the new pajamas night. When else would kids be excited to get them.


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