Saturday, December 6, 2008

Need a Great Gift Idea?

Chloe's Clippies
My friend, Holli Pollock, makes the best non-slip hair clips for little girls! Not only are her creations perfectly adorable but her quality is the best I have seen (and I am super choosy!) She can match any Christmas dress or outfit you throw at her. If you would like to make a custom order or view what she has already created, please call her at 208-573-1711 or email her at

My Bow Board from Julie
I have another good friend who makes these darling, high qualitly boards that can be used for photos, notes, or BOWS (these are all from Holli!) She has many beautiful styles of her own, but makes custom boards like this one as well to match any room. These are decorative and functional! Her name is Julie McDonald and you can reach her at 208-884-5209.


  1. Is it *leelou* Julie?

    Does your 'bow friend' have a website or etsy shop? I can't get enough bows for Ella...(and me)! HELP...

  2. Super cute ideas! You should add your Scentsy stuff as a great Christmas idea too! A plug for Scentsy, hehe!
    Love ya cuz!

  3. Yes, I do need some gift ideas, but I'm not sure those bows will look too great on dad . . . but I'm willing to take my chances.

  4. Too bad I'm having a litte boy! Hey, how are you!? Thanks for the comment on my page. It's good to hear from you! I mentioned to my mom that I heard from you and she said that it was SOOOO good to see you last march, she adores you, and that she hopes your doing well! haha. I hope you and your family have a fun Christmas holiday too. I sure am lucky to have the mama that I do. She's driving 12 hours to be here for the birth and everything. Anyway, your so sweet. I will talk to you soon! -Emily Jensen/Tawzer


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