Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We have a tradition in the Jensen family called 'The Snow Dance.' You have to be on the lookout for cold weather and low-lying grey clouds to increase your chances for success. Once these prerequisites have been met you walk around in circles with the kids making snow flake hands and chanting, "Snow, snow, snow!" Look, it worked for us!

Each year in December we take a Family Home Evening night to go out and find the perfect Christmas tree. Our usual tree spot was gone this year so Zack directed us to another that was even better (actually it was the one we loved only it had moved, but it was better this year.)

Although our hearts were warm with excitement the cold, bitter night made us seek heat at the tree lot's wood stove. We all left smelling like a forest fire. We did find the perfect tree and enjoyed our first candy canes of the season all the way home.

Once home the kids and I began going through the Christmas bins while Jeremy prepped the tree outside. I loved hearing each of them giggle with glee as they found their ornaments and other familiar treasures.

We had Christmas music playing, chips and dip on our snowman set, milk and cookies, and happy moments all around. I have to say that this has been my favorite Christmas so far...and it's not even here yet! There is just something different in the air this year that has my heart glowing.

The tree isn't quite finished yet as we had a strand of lights die and haven't been able to find a new set until yesterday. I will post the finished tree soon.

May your Christmas be the merriest yet!


  1. You guys have such fun Christmas traditions. And I know your house will smell as good as it looks. See you next week and if we have time, will you teach us your snow dance so we can get a little of the white stuff before Christmas.

  2. Do the snow dance once for's looking good for this weekend. I went to Andi's before school to do it with the kids. Justis wouldn't do it because "boys don't do it". I told him Zack and Owen did but he was convinced it was a girl thing...Thanks for setting a good example boys! love, nonna

  3. Well...act-u-a-l-l-l-y...Zack had decided he was too big for it so he just watched. You don't have to tell Justis though. ;)


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