Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mover and a Shaker

Owen loves to play wii boxing and is getting pretty good at it. I love it when he gets knocked down though because he moves like this.

Eye of the tiger, buddy. Eye of the tiger.


  1. The Wii was really a great investment for your family. The kids love to play it and we are entertained by watching them.
    Ah-h-h we are now so easily entertained.

  2. we love the Wii too...when we borrow a friends. My kids want one so bad, and they LOVE boxing!! So cute!

  3. Yup we are lovers of the wii too!! Zander tries to get in on the action! We got the wii fit and he thinks he can play it!! He loves the boxing and carries around the nun-chuck!!

    About the is right! I actually did non of the research I found some websites and a wonderful woman named mary tocco (she's on youtube...just search her name). I am horrified! To think that the dr's let us put these poisons into our babies bodies. I am so glad I found out this info when I did, unfortunaltely I did not find it before Zander was born, but he has been vaccine free since he was 6 months old!

  4. So cute!! I will have to try that when I play next time.


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