Monday, August 10, 2009

Aelizia'a Baby Blessing

This is my brother, Beege. He is awesome! He and Laralei just had their first baby girl, Aelizia Laralei Jensen, last month and she was blessed surrounded by family last week. She is a beautiful little baby and we are so excited to welcome her! Here are some pics from the family dinner we had that day.

Grandma and Grandpa Church, Dad and Mom Jensen, Brian with Laralei and Aelizia (or Tink) Jensen.

Cousins Nia, Justis, and Avery enjoying some dessert.

Cousins Natalie (Steen and Katie's little girl) and Aelizia snuggling on the floor.

Katie with darling long, tall Natalie!

Zack and Maxwell become buds real fast! This look must be a 10-year-old thing.

Ryan and Daniel being such good boys downstairs!

Princess cousins Megan, Nia, Avery, and Madi! They could not get enough fun together!

Andi, Steen, Tommy, Peter, and Katie chatting in the cool WA breeze.

The guys stuffed full before dessert!

Madi and Alex enjoying dinner on the deck.

Peter and Alexis on the deck after dinner.

Matthew and Emily enjoying Mom's awesome lasagna! It was a beautiful day outside made even better by the gathering of family to welcome such a sweet little girl into the family. We love you, little Tink, and we are so excited to have you with us!


  1. All of those pics were so cute. I really like the one of all the "pricess" girls! We had such a great time with you and your adorabale kids. Love ya!

  2. I just love Katie and Tommy! She is one of my most favorite people! Cute pictures of everyone!

  3. We were all so happy to get together as a family! What a great time...also, so happy for Brian and Loralei!


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