Thursday, August 27, 2009

wAteRmeLon AnYonE?!

Avery chose a watermelon theme for her birthday party this year and it was as cute as it was fun! I was impressed that she chose something so creative, rather than princesses or Strawberry Shortcake. My amazingly talented friend, Allison, made this adorable watermelon shirt for the birthday girl and she loved it! All the little girls wanted one just like Avery...thanks Ali! It was a great party for such a sweet little girl!

Avery saved her garage sale and birthday money and bought herself a big girl bike! Jeremy is having fun teaching her how to ride without training wheels. She is doing pretty well for a first-timer! (You can see Zack doing some sweet jumps on his scooter, too!)


  1. Happy birthday! Your shirt looks so cute on you, it fits perfect! You're welcome, glad I could help make her day extra special!

  2. Wow Avery - you're doing great on your new pink bike. Pretty soon your dad won't be able to keep up with you. Looks like you had a great watermelon party.

  3. Is Jeremy running in flip flops? That takes some serious talent!

    Avery is such a beautiful little girl - just like her mom! :)

  4. I'm so impressed that Jay kept up! What a fun birthday, love ya!


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