Saturday, August 29, 2009

Primary Temple Trip

Our ward had a special Primary activity today at the Temple. It was so neat to see all the kids from the ward all dressed up and learning about the temple. Jay and I were invited to be drivers so we took advantage of the photo opportunities!

But wait...there's more!
The Primary leaders had each of the kids stand by the temple to have their picture taken and this is all Owen would give them...

...until he found the gazillion praying mantis resting in the shade of the temple. This kid could find bugs anywhere. He had eight of these guys on him at one time (look on his head.) Owen's words: "The temple is so fun! Can we go back tomorrow?" I guess that is one way to get your kids to love the temple.

Zack decided to get in on the bug action as well (on his fingers)...they liked his green shirt. =)

Green Leaf Bug vs Green Praying Mantis...on Zack's hand. I think we will be going back to the temple real soon!


  1. Great pictures of the whole family. Glad you all got to join in the activity. And as for the bugs, I guess the temple is a place for them to pray, too.

  2. Those are some really nice family pictures! And very fun pics of the boys and their bugs! :)


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