Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day back to school for the Ogden kiddos. Zack was so excited that he kept spilling food on his shirt and had to keep changing! Good thing it is laundry day.

Owen: big time second grader

Zack: king-of-the-school fifth grader

Avery: sweet little Kindergartener

Jay went to work late and so we enjoyed the morning together having french toast and changing Zack's shirts. We walked to school (I love where we live!) and the boys quickly took off to see their friends. I was painfully aware of how big my kids are getting!

Owen found a bug, of course, on the way to school. He informed us that this Monarch was the state butterfly. =)

I love this one: Daddy and his little girl

We took Avery to her class room and then she went in with the rest of her new classmates.

I was just fine until Jeremy whispered in my ear, "...and life will never be the same..." I have never cried when my boys went to school, but there is something different about it being my little girl AND my last. The tears just came.

We walked home hand-in-hand feeling a change in the air for our little family. We walked in the door at home together and I couldn't help but feel that the house was empty. I could hold the tears pretty well at the school, but at home they just flowed onto Jay's shirt (who now needs a clean shirt as well.) But, I got it all out and am doing okay enjoying a little peace and quiet. I read my scriptures at the kitchen table in the sunshine and will be doing laundry today (Zack needs shirts for tomorrow's breakfast.)


  1. Leave it to Jeremy to make you cry. Sheesh.

    Everyone looked awfully cute for the first day!

  2. What a sweet story. My mom always cried when she sent us off to kindergarten too and it is not something that I'm looking forward too.

  3. Sounds like a fun morning. I always loved the excitement of the first day of school - new clothes, shoes and backpacks; taking pictures; and hoping the kids survived the trauma of a new classroom seating arrangment.
    Will you ask Owen if the preying mantis is the state bug?

  4. Your kids are so cute. I'm sure you will find ways to fill your days. :)

  5. I love seeing pictures of you and your family. You guys are so cute. Our oldest starts kindergarten on the 8th and I hope I can keep it together. I can't believe my baby is going to school already. I hope she can find a best friend like we did. ; )

  6. Your family is so cute! What adorable children you have. I love the family photos at the temple, too. :)


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